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Saturday, September 07, 2013 my first events were born!

I've watched, literally, hundreds of TED Talks. What you are reading are thoughts about how your dreams become into reality, how some day good things just happen for simply happiness sake. If you have watched TED talks, you will probably keep reading. If not, I encourage you to explore them...they're worthy.

When I moved to the US, one day, having dinner in a fast food restaurant in New York, I remember I saw a group of teens and, what I thought were, their parents. All of them were talking, excited, about what they've done during the day, attending a TED conference!. I knew that because, each of them was wearing a white badge with a big "TED" in light red. And yes, because I listened to what they were talking, as I said, exciting things.

Well, the truth of the matter is that I do not remember exactly what they were saying, but I perfectly know what I was thinking: if I feel motivation when I watch a TED video, attending live and most important, be part of a TED event must be thrilling! Not just because they feel good, but because they are ideas worth spreading, which to me it means, changing-life ideas.

It's been a while...years, since that experience.

One day, I attended a meeting organized by TEDxBaltimore, several professionals and inspiring people participated then. And it was after the meeting that all came out.

It was probably the energy of the people there or that simply I decided to stop being the "new in Baltimore" to become the "doer in Baltimore". I started moving my networks, well, I still was new, so imagine how difficult it may be. But still, I wanted to do it!

I am really concerned with the immigrant community and the integration issues. I am an ecuadorian born, raised in Spain and recent-US resident. If there is something I think is important is feeling the new place your home, being integrated. Only at that moment, you do for your community, you take care of your home. It's a complicated process and a long way to walk. But it is possible if all of us get involved.

So, I exchanged emails with a local organization inviting them to be part of my idea. Believe it or not, they agreed. They opened the door to my hope. And most important, TEDxBaltimore organizer said the magic words: do it. And now, we have two events to promote the "Cultural Integration". First one is a TEDxBaltimore Adventure and second one is a TEDxBaltimore Salon.

And there I was, do you remember me at that place, having dinner, alone, questioning myself: what could I do to feel that inspiration? This is like a dream becoming into reality.

To be part of any of these events, register at these links:
TEDxBaltimore Adventure October 10th 2013
TEDxBaltimore Salon TBD