Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Kids supporting kids: action

Well, so Kids supporting kids is ON! This is about involving kids on a collaboration network. It is not only asking them "to give something for poor people", it is about letting them know who, where and why. We should do something with a purpose, and as a collaborative action  this is a reciprocal donation.

- Donors: kids from a school in Riobamba, Ecuador [1]
- Receiver: kids from Guayaquil, scholars at The Starfish Foundation

I talked to donors so that they understood what TAMOJA was doing and why it was being done.

We all know the statement "Children are the future". What does it exactly means? The future "what"? They should first know their present, to become the integral professionals in the future. As the MDG by achieving primary education, demand for secondary education grows, and so knowledge-sharing that may reduce social divides.

What we did was to connect with children so that they realized there are other "stars" with the same needs, but due to lack of resources, they are not able to reach the same achievements. By collecting supplies to support other students these stars will have what they need to start classes, and reach an appropriate knowledge level for their age and course.

The reason Why this action is taken place is to motivate both sides of the network. Donors and receivers know each other's reality, share empathy and work together to improve and treasure their time.

Action: Donors (with their parents' support) brought something to support those receivers' studies. Some brought a small bag with some supplies they also need when starting classes. Thus with this small action, I realized that they understood what and why: they gave something that is necessary for them also.

What's next?...EXCHANGE!!! Let's see what the impressions from receivers are and how donors feel about that, and listen to their opinions on how to improve the process. Stay tuned for the progress of "kids supporting kids"

This is a summary of something thought for a time and achieved in less than one week! To up the ladder, giving steps is important. I am sure this is not going to end up here.

Thank you to COMIL [1], parents, students and all supporters of the "kids supporting kids" project.

Las estrellitas apoyando a otras estrellitas desde Kids Supporting Kids
Alumnos de infantil
Cajas llenas de donaciones de los niñxs, enviadas a The Starfish Foundation en Guayaquil
See the kids supporting kids full album here:
Kids supporting kids
Do not forget that a small action can make a big change.
Are you doing something similar to this project? How is it going? Share your ideas and experiences, that will be quite enriching as experience.

[1] COMIL: Colegio Militar Combatientes de Tapi N. 6

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Kids supporting kids

It's been over six years now that I started with the international cooperation for human development experience. And, what is it all about?. Well, for me, it means human beings supporting other human beings. Human development should not mean anything else. Setting that idea as a basis, everything is possible, because you are supporting yourself. 

Different experiences, with such interesting  people have helped me to shape what I call "my dream", contributing with my knowledge to human development. Is that possible?

Education is indeed one of the most important elements of the human development process and technology is a powerful tool that helps to achieve the universal education in the information era. But education is not only memorizing things by heart, it is not only a teacher giving a lecture to their students, it is not even googling and copying...it is an integral process, that requires the whole society to be involved in. Parents, neighbors, educators, kids should participate actively in the sharing process of education. 

Education is like a cycle that grows every time a kid learns something, and to "learn" means processing, understanding, thinking and sharing again. And that process free our minds, "free as in freedom", as Eugenio Espejo stated: La libertad solamente puede venir a través de la educación (Freedom can only come through education).

Thanks to the information technology, we can see how our neighbors, in the other side of the world, are doing, and learn from them, and share with them what we do. This is how I met "The Starfish Foundation", a couple of friends that decided to be active part of the human development, with the simple idea of creating a better future and achieving dreams through Education.

Some time ago an idea raised: creating a network to support those kids. I started a plan to involve kids who learn how fortunate they are, and how generous they can be by supporting others. Kids supporting other kids, and so, human beings supporting humans beings, and so, achieving human development.

I am sure this experience is going to be wonderful, for the kids, for the collaboration, for the future.

Stay tuned to see how this process is going!